Frequently Asked Questions




General Info

What are your business hours?

Open to the public Thursdays & Fridays  1pm-6pm & Saturdays 8am-5pm Starting May 1st - July 2014

Contractors: please call or e-mail 24hrs prior


Where are you located?

Our street address is 275 Main St. E. Otterville, Ontario. N0J 1R0.  Located 25 km south of Woodstock on hwy #59, then 1 km west on county road #19, south side of the road.   For the clientele that has acquired advanced technological prowess our GPS co-ordinates are N42.92734 x W80.59715




Do you deliver?

Yes we do. Our delivery scheduling has changed for 2014 Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. No exceptions                                                  


Is delivery included in the pricing of the product?

Delivery is an additional expenditure. 


How much does delivery cost?

Each delivery cost is treated on a individual basis.  Basic costs are listed in our price booklet.  More specific delivery requirements are open to discussion.  The following equipment is available.


     Mini Dump - up to 8000lbs product

  •  self-dumping, tandem, pull behind trailer for a heavy duty pick up truck
  • available for rent with a material purchase (appropriate vehicle required)
  • up to 9 yards mulch or 4 yards gravel typical capacity, 2 products are possible
  • off-load skids and super sacs with your machine on site
  • dump bulk product, armour stone/rock on site



    Boom Truck - up to 24000lbs product

  •  multiple product delivery
  • self off-loads any combination of skids, super sacs and bulk armour stone/rock
  • 360 degree rotating rock grapple for off-loading, placement
  • 8000lbs @ 10 feet lift capacity, 2000lbs @ 36 feet reach from rear of truck
  • place large feature rocks, rock signs with ease


    Tri/A Dump Tractor Trailer -  up to 60,000lbs product

  • up to 30 yards mulch or 22 yards gravel typical capacity
  • 1 bulk product only
  • utility size armour stone


     B-Train End Dumps - up to 84,000lbs product

  •  up to 60 yards mulch or 27 yards gravel typical capacity
  • can deliver 2 bulk products (ask for details)
  • utility size armour stone


Can multiple products at one time be delivered?

This is posssible.  Each delivery is accessed on a case by case basis; additional charges may be incurred.


Are you able to provide off load capabilities?

The majority of our deliveries are by self off-loading vehicles.  Where this is not the case, other arrangements are made in co-operation with you.


Are there additional costs for off-loading?

Typically there is no charge; however, you must provide a suitable off-loading area.  In the event where off-loading will go beyond a reasonable amount of time or when extra time is asked for, the cost will be accessed on a case by case basis at the time of product purchase. 


When and how are deliveries scheduled?

Deliveries are scheduled at the time of purchase.  We do our best to be as expedient and prompt as possible.  Please remember - we are only human - and delays do occur.


Will the client be apprised of such occurence?

DLS considers it a courtesy to inform the client, on the day of delivery, prior to vehicle

departing from the premises. Allowing you to effectively include extra items.


Should we be there when the delivery arrives?

It's always helpful when you are.  Please leave accurate instructions at the time of purchase if you won't be there.




What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, Debit, VISA, MasterCard, and good check are accepted. 


Do you require a deposit?

This is accessed on a case by case basis.  We do not "hold" items that are not paid for.


Do you accept returns?

Returns are subject to a 40% restocking charge.


When do I pay?

Payment is due at the time of purchase. 


Do I pay for tax?

HST is applicable on all product and service costs.  Almost all of our posted and advertised pricing indicates the HST IS included.







Do you carry any paving/interlock stone or concrete products?

DLS supplies a wide range of these products from some of the most innovative and leading manufactures in the business.


Do you provide install services? 

We have a contractor referal program.  We will put you in contact with a contractor/contractors in your area best suited for the project.


Do you provide landscape design?

No, although we will put you in contact with a contractor/contractors which are best suited for the project.


Are you just retail or do you sell wholesale also?

DLS adheres to both mindsets, on an individual basis.  Our close association with our premier suppliers gives us great buying power.


Does your product line change frequently? 

The names of the product offerings change infrequently.  Colour, texture and availability are all subject to seasonal and geographical paramiters of a product.  We consistently seek viable, palatable offerings of product to enhance the selection made available to you.  Please feel free to take a walk through the yard to get a "hands on" idea of available product.


Are you open year round?

We close the two weeks before and after Christmas as a standard practice.  Please check our operating hours as updated seasonally by calling the office.  


Do I have to purchase a certain amount?

Buy a little, or buy alot.  From single pieces and pounds to tractor trailer loads and tons - we try to accomodate your exact needs.


Do you carry bagged product?

Bags are available that hold up to 80lbs or 1.5 cubic feet; you can bring your own bags or containers also. You may fill these yourself and the products are sold by the pound.

For large amounts we have super sacs available that hold up to 3000lbs or 1 cubic yard of product and a S/Sac fee is applicable. We fill these for you, the product is typically sold by the bulk method of measurement. 


Do you have a skid, bag, or super sac charge?

We do administer charges for these items.  Please see our price guide for applicable charges and refunds. 


Do I have to handle the product myself when purchasing?

One of our staff members will be happy to assist you gathering and loading the product. If you choose to handle the product yourself we ask that you wear the proper footwear and bring protective gloves. Stone can BITE!


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. There is no amount limit or expiry date. They are limited to available product or merchandise and there is no cash value.


Do you provide engraving services?

We have a business associate that provides this service. Your purchase can be engraved at our yard or your job site depending on the weather.


Are you able to custom cut or drill stone?

Most stone can be cut or drilled.  This is determined on an order by order basis as it is a specialized service.


Is there extra cost to custom cut or drill?

Yes, pricing will depend on what the specifications are.